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Shatter’s Core Compliance package offers a simple and effective cybersecurity solution, for small-medium size organizations to meet areas of compliance, and detect and respond to threats as and when they emerge.

Asset Discovery –  Active and passive scans work to discover all assets on the network as well as their operating system, running services, and more. An actively updated asset inventory is maintained that gives a detailed view of related security events, vulnerabilities, and availability.

Vulnerability Scan– This will be completed to detect vulnerabilities on a system and its software. The scan will be reviewed by analysts and a detailed monthly report will be completed to prioritize any remediation actions necessary and improve security posture.

Intrusion Detection – Essentially monitors network traffic for malicious behavior. Through our 24x7 Security Operation Center (SOC) Shatter I.T. will provide around the clock monitoring with the ability to detect and analyze this malicious activity on your network.

Availability Monitoring –  Core assets and their services will be monitored for their availability to ensure up-time. Is used to detect abnormalities within a systems overall health.

Incident Response – Any alarm with a high risk level will have a 1-2 hour response time. Analysts will alert the customers technical team with details of the event and recommended a course of action.  An alarm with a  medium risk level will prompt a notification within 48-72 Hours.

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