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Shatter provides a neutral hosting environment designed to safeguard your systems and data, and ensure network uptime, with the added benefit of 24/7 oversight. Shatter has multiple facilities to house and power your mission critical network infrastructure.



Reliability - Our facilities provide power, interconnectivity, security, redundancy, cooling and onsite technical support to house and safeguard your network and computing equipment.


Highly Scalable and Flexible - Our facilities offer racks, cabinets and caged spaces depending on your individual needs. Shatter's turnaround time and attention to detail are second to none.



Interconnectivity - Shatter provides customers the ability to add scale and a variety of interconnectivity options to support increases in IP and network traffic volumes, including direct connections with each other.


On-site Support - Our NOC Engineers are always onsite, standing by and able to assist as needed.



IP Peering Service - Customers can exchange traffic and IP content through a variety of peering connections available through BNIIX. BNIIX will allow its members to route IP traffic efficiently between each other via a centralized switching fabric. The infrastructure allows members to reduce transit costs, and improve reliability and lower latency. A similar option is available for smaller customers through ixColo.

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