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Our SOC engineers are well aware that it is not a priority of a business to notice what is connected to its network and how to protect it, as the business already has enough on its plate. 

Insight/Overview - Our built in Asset Discovery gives you insight into how many connections you have on your on premises environments, making your life a whole lot easier knowing what is running on your network and how many systems you have to manage. 

Categorize/List - Asset scans will be able to find all IP-enabled devices connected to your network. You will also be able to see how they are configured, which services are installed on them and where the active threats could come from. 

Monitor Critical Asset Groups - If you have cloud infrastructure in place also, we can detect these assets into your Asset Discovery environment. We then monitor these critical assets to ensure up-time and protection of all on your network.

The service includes the scanning of workstations, web servers, firewalls, devices, tablets and more.

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