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"Regarding Successful Server Migration"

"All looks good to me. I can RDP in, I checked the different sites and all are running. What else would I expect? You guys rock! Thanks again for the call tonight... I was working on a different project and forgot to check my Shatter folder for the other notices. Have a good one!"

Greg Towne, Fisher Towne & Associates

"Great Staff"

"Shatter consistently goes above and beyond with the service they deliver, and it is incredibly reliable. We refer other companies to them without hesitation."



Carlos Pegado, Hunt Real Estate Corp.

"New direction"

"In 2010, Shatter laid out a plan for getting our data and backend operational environment into a more secure facility under Shatter's care, with automated backups that provide peace of mind. The Shatter team provided valuable insight into how we could simplify, consolidate, and standardize the tools and scripts we use to collect, cull, organize, and index our data. In less than a year Shatter I.T. helped us mature from a single server into an advanced, secure, redundant, and managed server enterprise."


Jim Shaud, Discovery Company

"We needed a secure facility"

"We provide critical web, SMS, and IVR solutions to businesses in a hosted model. ShatterIT gives us rock stable hosting, superior support, and creative solutions for our buildouts. We also need highly secure facilities and ShatterIT has impressed our security auditors."

Akash Desai, IVR Technology Group

"Peace of mind was important"

"Shatter I.T. gives us peace of mind knowing that our entire system infrastructure is under constant supervision by skillful engineers, 24/7. Just knowing that someone could execute a procedure to bring the system back to normal, if there is a problem, allows us to give our end customers more reliability and a better experience as a Hover Networks customer."

Darren Ascone, Hover Networks

"One of the Best Things We've Ever Done"

"My business has been utilizing the facilities and expertise of Shatter for our co-location needs for approximately 4 years. I know firsthand the challenges associated with delivering the high quality service that I have simply come to expect from Shatter. Shatter has exceeded my expectations 100% of the time, so much so that I now send my clients directly to Shatter. In my opinion, selecting Shatter has been one of the best things we've ever done."


Robert W. Klingensmith III, Noein Inc.

"Truly Delivering 24/7 Service"

"Very late on a Saturday night, the site went down. Rather than panicking, I decided to sit tight and wait and see whether the Shatter team would deliver as promised. Sure enough, less than five minutes later, I was getting a call informing me that they were aware of the problem, that the recovery process was in place and we were up and running before I hung up the phone. I went to sleep that night much more comfortably than I had in a very long time."

George Campos,

"These days, it's rare to find a company that consistently delivers exceptional service"

"Your guys are great. These days, it's rare to find a company that consistently delivers exceptional service. With the overall decline in the level of the customer experience in today's society, I feel that any company that focuses on the intersection between its people and the customer is doing the right thing for the right reason. You've got excellent people."


Robert H Fritzinger, Zenhire, Inc.


"Shatter's outstanding flexibility was demonstrated when our company needed to expand our systems into Toronto. Shatter responded to our need, and even before I was fully prepared to make the transition, Shatter had a presence there and was ready for us."

Bob Willer, Campus Labs

"Network Operations Center"



"Shatter I.T.'s N.O.C. staff have continuously impressed us with their technical skills and professionalism. Any tasks they have performed have been flawless."

Tom Zambito, Noein Inc.

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