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Shatter's built in vulnerability scanning tool runs monthly, and varies based on the level of package selected by the customer. It has the abilities to monitor your cloud and on premises crucial I.T. infrastructure.

Expert Staff - Vulnerability assessments are completed by trained SOC staff with minimal intrusion, to identify, define and prioritize system susceptibilities.


Continuous Updates - These assessments are continuously updated to ensure absolute safety against the latest threats.


Detailed Summaries - Our SOC Analysts provide a detailed summary accompanied by a more detailed report to give a break-down on any vulnerability threatening your systems.

Credential Based Scanning - Using credentials given to the scanning tool, a pathway into the system can allow the tool to view exact program versions and other vulnerabilities that may not be visible from the network. The scan is also able to operate inside of the host, reducing the load on your network.

Compatibility With Multiple OS - The vulnerability assessment covers all major operating systems such as Windows or Linux in addition to vendor specific operating systems like VMware, and applications like Java.

The vulnerability scanner can check for over 55,000 different types of vulnerabilities, including some common types that are mentioned in the groupings below:

Security Updates

  • Windows Updates and Microsoft Security Bulletins

  • Missing application security updates


  • SQL Injection and XSS Attacks

  • Web Server and Application Attacks

  • Database Attacks

  • Remote Code Execution

  • Privilege escalation

  • Denial of Service Attacks

  • Destructive Tests (Optional)

System Configuration

  • Default accounts

  • Remote shell access

  • SSL/TLS configuration

  • Certificates

  • Service detection

  • Local system security configuration

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