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Businesses want to ask themselves some key questions to evaluate the overall strength of their current levels of cyber defense:

Could your business withstand a power outage?


Power outages interrupt operations at 72% of U.S. businesses. (Contingency Planning & Management)


Is your network up and running 100% of the time? 

A recent study in the U.S. has shown that across all business sectors, an estimated $164 billion is lost due to interruptions. (2005 whitepaper by APC)


Is someone monitoring your systems 24x7?


Most outages, both network and power, occur outside of typical business hours.


Are issues identified and handled proactively, or only after they become catastrophic? 


System administrators will spend at least 3x as long figuring out the problem compared to actually fixing it.


Are all of your off and on-site systems monitored after hours? ​


Off-hour failures (application, operating system, hardware) can go unnoticed for lengthy periods without supervision

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