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Have you ever tried to recover from a disaster? Shatter's SnapShot service can restore your system in minutes.


Fast — Downtime will usually exceed eight hours before a machine can be fully recovered. With SnapShot, your system can be up and running with the push of a button.


Up To Date — With most disaster recovery services, retained data is outdated — 24 hours old is the norm. Shatter takes a snapshot of your data every 15 minutes, 24/7, so it's always current.


Reliable — Just running backups will not help you recover from a disaster. Backup tapes sitting on the desk will not save your business. SnapShot will!



Cutting Edge — SnapShot employs virtualization technology, both onsite and offsite, allowing unbroken continuity and instantaneous recovery of your business if your systems fail for any reason.

Cost-Effective — There are minimal up-front costs, low bandwidth options, and encrypted VPN's for secure data transfers, all configured by Shatter's Engineers.
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