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We are WNY's only Network Operations Center that is fully staffed and accessible 24/7. We house our customers servers and continuously monitor their systems, identifying and correcting potentially harmful problems before they occur. 



True 24/7 coverage — Shatter's NOC Engineers are always on-site 24/7, 365 days a year providing vigilant oversight of your equipment and network.


Reliability and performance — Using our proprietary 24Seven software, Shatter can monitor hundreds of various elements of our customers data and equipment - CPU, disk space, memory usage, internet reliability, intrusion detection, environmental elements, and much more.


Peace of Mind — Shatter's monitoring service allow customers to focus on growing their companies, instead of worrying about hosting, connectivity, and I.T. related administrative issues.



24/7 Coverage at Your Location — Shatter has the ability to remotely monitor and manage systems that reside outside of our data centers. This solution is ideal for companies that require the additional oversight of Shatter's 24Seven protection, while maintaining their equipment in-house. Upon any incident of system alerts, Our NOC Engineers immediately contact the customer to alert them to potentially harmful situations before they actually occur.


Safe and Secure — Our remote application monitors all of the configured systems and sends the status data over a secure encrypted link to Shatter's NOC.


Peace of Mind — Your in-house I.T. staff can dedicate time to enhancing your I.T. operation while Shatter's 24/7 Staffed NOC ensure your systems are up and running.

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