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Shatter I.T.'s Disaster Avoidance/Recovery solutions are focused on protecting data, maintaining availability and keeping clients and their customers connected to their technology so businesses run uninterrupted, 24/7.



Reliable and Secure — A variety of customized options will protect and ensure continuous access to your data and prevent disruption to your business.


Flexible and Cost-effective — Shatter's leadership team has decades of technology experience and can assist in developing a data backup plan that is right for your business.


24/7 On-site Support — Shatter's 24/7 NOC staff provides you additional peace of mind. In the event of a disaster, our on-site staff can immediately address any pertinent issues and initiate the recovery process.



SnapShot — Continuously Backed up Data, With Shatter's SnapShot disaster recovery service, all of your data on your e-mail server, web site, and in your data base can be continually backed up, replicated, and saved in near real time. Snapshots of your data are taken every 15 minutes, 24/7.


System Backups/Restores — For those companies that do not require near real time backups, Shatter offers customized data backups. You determine the frequency and size allotments structured to meet your individual needs.


Offsite Archiving — To provide additional safeguard and security of your data, you have the option of archiving backed-up system states and stores to one of Shatter's remote locations.


Recovery of Business Options — In the event of a disaster at your primary business location, Shatter can provide customized space options for firms looking for safe, secure disaster avoidance alternatives. Options include dedicated space with phone, desk, internet, and network access through VPN or direct connections, along with access to kitchen, break room, conference room and other facility environments, if required.

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