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Security of an organizations IT infrastructure will always be the main component, but in a world with so many new unknown threats emerging every day, education of employees is becoming increasingly important. Sure enough, if you educate an employee not to open suspicious emails and PDF links, they are much less likely to open them.

"With a well-educated staff, the chances of getting hacked or discovering ransomware on your systems are much less."

Shatter I.T. Security Awareness Training features:

  • Role-Specific training modules

  • Custom phishing templates

  • Simulated attachments

  • Custom landing pages

  • Active directory integration—user management

  • Social engineering indicators

  • Detailed reporting

Train Your Users: Access to a training library of over 500 interactive modules, featuring different security threats, best practices and compliance


Phishing Tests: We provide simulated phishing to determine the percentage to which your business is prone to phishing

Gauge Your Results: Reporting using percentages to show how your employees are doing with their training, phishing and other features of our security training


Unlimited Use: The number of training sessions available to your employees is endless, allowing you to tailor your sessions around your employees roles

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