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Shatter's Cloud Computing Services help grow your business by providing security and reliability for your data, quickly scaling up to meet changing needs, increasing efficiency, and lowering your costs.


Supports All Operating Systems - We offer full support for Windows or Linux operating systems, together with ongoing support for any of your legacy systems.


Protect Your Data - We provide real-time back-ups, which protect against data loss. Our multi-grid power assurance minimizes the risk of a power outage, giving you maximum uptime. And our Cloud Services are less vulnerable to hackers than conventional I.T. systems.


Highly Scalable and Flexible - As your business changes, you can adjust the number of CPU cores or memory, or you can add more hard disk space instantaneously, without any downtown, complex planning, long lead times, or unnecessary worry.


Rapid Turnaround Time - Many of Shatter's Cloud Computing Services can be up and running within 24 hours.


Great for Disaster Recovery - Protect your business from any type of a disaster with a hot or warm backup server. Either option will protect and ensure continuous access to your data and prevent any disruption to your business.


A Cost Effective Solution - Buying servers and other hardware is expensive and with constant innovation and change, it's difficult to ensure that your business employs the newest and best technology. With Shatter's Cloud Computing Services, the equipment is already in place and you choose from a menu of options a solution that best meets your needs.

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